Cool DIY Toy Idea: Cardboard Tube Race Cars

Recycle toilet paper tubes for DIY crafts the kids will enjoy making.

Photography by Family Fun

The next time you find yourself separating paper from plastic in preparation for a recycling pick-up, consider how many items in your blue bin can be reused for fun craft projects. For example, all those little cardboard toilet paper tubes. They add up quickly, but don’t go tossing them just yet—you can actually use them for all kinds of fun craft projects with your kids! From a colourful set of “owly” bowling pins to some quick and easy paper tube fish, there are all kinds of creative ways to reuse those rolls.

We spotted another great use for toilet paper tubes over on Disney’s Family Fun website: DIY racing cars. With a few basic materials, your kiddos can spend an afternoon creating the ultimate “TP Cruiser” and zipping around a homemade track.

What you’ll need:
• Toilet paper tubes
• Acrylic paints in various colours
• Glue
• Scissors
• Hole punch
• Paper fasteners (check your local office supply store for these)
• Black craft foam
• Tinfoil
• Paper for decorations (optional)

You’ll find the full instructions for these Hot Rod Racers over on the Family Fun website. And for more great DIY ideas, check out our crafts section.

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