Celebrate Family Literacy Day with Read-to-Me Brownies (and a Good Book!)

January 27th is Family Literacy Day in Canada. Here's a yummy recipe for some chocolatey brownies that are the perfect snack to enjoy with your little one while you read a great book

Photography by Edward Pond

January 27th is Family Literacy Day here in Canada, a chance for families from coast to coast to reflect on the importance of learning together as a family. ABC Life Literacy Canada is marking the occasion by encouraging families to enjoy at least 15 minutes of fun learning together every day. According to the organization’s website, “Even just 15 minutes a day can improve a child’s literacy skills dramatically, and can help a parent improve their skills as well.” You’ll find some fun 15-minute learning ideas over on their site. We also have lots of ideas to inspire you on our Family Literacy board on Pinterest.

Looking for a fun and easy way to work more reading into your weekly routine? Follow a recipe together! We have just the one for such an occasion—a batch of delicious, chocolatey Read-to-Me Brownies. This recipe involves just 10 minutes of prep and is a great one for junior chefs to help with.

What you’ll need:
• Unsalted butter
• Unsweetened cocoa powder
• Eggs
• Brown sugar
• Flour
• Mini marshmallows

You can find the full recipe for Read-to-Me Brownies here. And if you’re looking for a good book to cozy up with while you enjoy your treat, we’ve rounded up 101 great reads for the whole family:

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