Cute Snack Idea: Jack O’Lantern Fruit Cups

A simple and healthy snack alternative for your kids during the season of sugary treats.


I made these super cute jack o’lantern fruit cups for the kids last weekend and I just love them! You start off using a navel orange, and by the end, you have super spooky jack o’lanterns! This is a really healthy Halloween snack in a season filled with sugary treats. Here are the super simple instructions:

What you’ll need (to make 1)

1 navel orange
honeydew melon
a sharp kitchen knife
a serrated spoon
a melon baller


1. Slice the top off a navel orange. Grab your serrated spoon and start scooping the orange out of the orange peel, much like scooping out a pumpkin. Be careful not to tear the orange – they are pretty fragile. When you’re done scooping, you should have an empty orange skin.

2. Take your knife and carefully cut a spooky face out of your orange skin.

3. Using your melon baller, scoop your 3 melons into balls.

4. Fill your empty orange jack o’lantern full of melon balls.

Enjoy this super spooky and super healthy Halloween treat! I bet all your little ghosts and goblins (and paper bag princesses) will love it.

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