Family Updates: Storytime App, Family Taxes, Africentric Schools and More

Famous foodie gets caught in a red-handed lie (or maybe red-footed, we’re not sure…):
Barefoot Contessa Says She Didn’t Know Cancer Kid Wanted To Meet Her. Yeah, Right (Strollerderby)

Apple helps keep parents and kids close when they’re apart:
• New App Lets Parents Read to Children From Afar (Montreal Gazette)

Appearances can be deceiving; Moms are NOT machines:
• Mom Needs to Look After Her Mental Health (Times Colonist)

It may not be the direct cause, but Facebook could certainly act as a catalyst:
• Add ‘Facebook Depression’ to Possible Effects of Social Media on Kids (The Globe and Mail)

“(The current tax system) treats families the same as roommates living under the same roof with no financial attachment. That is not realistic. That is not fair.”:
Harper Pitches Income Splitting for Families – Canada Votes 2011 (CBC News)

Did the TDSB basically shoot themselves in the foot by trying to keep this “hush hush”?
Oakwood Students Blindsided by Africentric School Proposal (Parent Central)

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