5 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Must-Haves

Here are 5 must-have eco-friendly kitchen items to make your food prepping space a little more green.


Want to green your kitchen this Earth Day? These 5 items are reusable, easy to clean and maintain, are made from Eco-friendly materials and make life easier without sacrificing any convenience (or a ton of counter space).

Drying Device


If you reuse plastic food storage bags, you know drying them can be tricky (where do you hang them from?). That’s where this handy little device comes in. Handmade in Canada from birch and ash with a non-toxic oil finish, it can air-dry up to eight bags at once.

Down to Earth Bag Dryer, $35. Available at Cookware Canada.

Modern Take(-Away)


Not all plastic containers are bad, but glass is definitely making a comeback. These food containers, available in a variety of sizes, are made with tempered glass (shatter-proof) and feature a special “clik-clak” valve system to create a tight seal.

Wean Green Kitchen Set, $40. Available at Well.ca.

Brush Up


This brush is handmade from a co-operative in Mexico, It is made from the root of a grass called “zacaton”. This is great for scrubbing pots and cleaning root vegetables. The roots are very stiff and are effective scouring brushes. Unlike plastic, these roots will not melt on hot pots.

Root Brush – Pot & Vegetable Scrubber, $7. Available at The Green Sheep.

Wipe Off


The secret is in the weave. Tiny fibres—100 times finer than human hair—trap and absorb dirt and oil and will not scratch any surface. Machine wash with detergent (but no fabric softener) and hang to dry and use over and over and over again!

Jude’s Miracle Cloth, $6. Available online at Bradshaws Canada or in-store across Canada. 

Cut Up


When it comes to a cutting board, wooden-based boards are the way to go. Wooden cutting boards are durable, help your knives stay sharper, and don’t harbor bacteria and germs like plastic cutting boards do. The best eco-friendly cutting boards are made of bamboo, a hard grass-like wood that grows quickly and doesn’t have to be replanted. This particular one keeps the work surface clear by easily sliding a plate underneath.

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