5 Movies to Watch with Kids to Show Dads Can Cry Too

Do you cry at movies? This dad does...and he says we all should (and let our kids see us doing it).


Earlier this month, our oldest daughter found tears creeping into her eyes while watching a movie for the first time. To the surprise of nobody the movie was Up and I cried watching it too. Again. People cry watching movies all the time and it is wonderful because when a movie is done really well, it should produce an emotional response.

I don’t remember what movie I cried at for the first time. I like to imagine it was something like Pete’s Dragon or Back to the Future or Ghostbusters or one of the Rocky movies.

Still, in a world that somehow still likes to think a man who doesn’t cry is stronger than a man who does cry, I enjoy teaching my kids that this kind of thinking is exactly and precisely bullshit. There is no precise science behind proving men who cry at movies are also strong, it’s really just common sense, which also sometimes goes by the term “not being stupid.”

That I get to prove this by watching some of my favourite movies is just an added bonus.

Here is a list of movies that can help you show your kid that adults do cry and that expression of emotions is a normal, healthy, part of being a human. They are also movies I have never seen in their entirety because of the flowing of tears.

Inside Out


Not a sad movie but one that gets you thinking about your kid and them growing up and the challenges they face. Also features the single saddest movie moment featuring an elephant/cotton candy/dolphin creature.

Book of Life


I’ll tell you the truth, I don’t even remember what part I cried at. I just remember that it’s a visually spectacular movie that only exists because of the concept of death. Those two things equal guaranteed tears from me.

Cool Runnings


Because sometimes we cry happy tears and those guys just put in so much work on those other teams were way too dismissive of them.

Walt Disney Short Films Collection


John Henry.

The Fox and the Hound


I’ve put this movie on lists about crying before and I’ll likely do it again. The more I think about it, the more likely it is that this is ACTUALLY the first movie I ever cried watching.

Six bonus ways you can teach your kids it’s okay to cry:

  • Read Love You Forever.
  • Think about the first time you held your child and then look at them in the eyes and think about how much bigger they’ve grown.
  • Imagine how lonely Sam and Frodo must have felt while in Mount Doom waiting to be swallowed up. And how happy they must have been when rescued by the Great Eagles.
  • Spend a day thinking about eating Reese Peanut Butter Cups and the go to a store to buy some and have them be all out of them.
  • Give your kid a glass of grape juice and don’t put the lid on it, because they’ve yelled at you not to, and then watch them for five seconds.
  • I forgot to mention How to Train Your Dragon in the list above. That will do it.

Mike Reynolds is an Ottawa born-and-raised husband to one and father to two girls who are changing the world as you read this. He’s mildly obsessed with making sure his daughters never learn to colour inside the lines and with making sure they know they’re both one-of-a-kind. He also writes bedtime stories with his daughters about everything from robots who play soccer to giants who play hopscotch. He shares stories about the trials and tribulations of raising two girls after growing up in a house full of boys on puzzlingposts.com. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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