The International Museum of Women Celebrates Motherhood Around the Globe

Image by Syed Javaid A. Kazai

The International Museum of Women is an online resource that raises awareness about women’s issues. Their newest exhibition MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe tells the captivating stories of women from all walks of life. While some of their situations are unimaginable―horrendous stories of rape, slavery and violence―others speak to the feelings of happiness and sadness that so many women across the world experience throughout their journeys as mothers.

There are four galleries currently open in the MAMA exhibition. You can discover the views that these women have regarding the differences in motherhood now compared to previous generations, how women juggle working life with motherhood, the maternal mortality rate and the factors that influence whether or not it is a woman’s decision to have a child. While women’s rights have come a long way, there are still many issues that remain ignored in some parts of the world. Many may not be familiar with these foreign conducts, so it is really eye-opening to examine the experiences of those in countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh and China as they talk about family life.

Even with such diverse experiences, you will feel a connection to these women, knowing that you share similar roles in motherhood. Be sure to browse the exhibit to see, read about, and watch their beautiful stories.

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