10 DIY Summer Projects Under $10

Keep boredom at bay this summer—no matter your budget—with this collection of fun DIY projects your kiddos will love.

Looking for ways to bust rainy-day boredom or simply make the most out of your kids’ summer? Try these 10 fun, easy—and cheap!—projects to celebrate the Canadian summer.

#1. DIY Some Kid-Friendly Face Paints


With this super simple recipe, all it takes is a quick search through your kitchen cupboards and bathroom drawers to find the ingredients for perfect face-painting fun. The best part? You can make pretty much any colour the kids want…making the face-painting possibilities practically endless!

#2. Plant and Grow Sprouts


This is a really great family activity for any day (rain or shine) that will get your wee ones to eat their broccoli. No kidding. Planting and growing sprouts takes mere minutes one day and yields results in about 3 days. Don’t tell them what kind of sprouts they are and have them guess when they taste them.


#3. DIY Backyard Movie Theatre


Forget fighting for a parking spot and shelling out big bucks at the concession stand. Pull up a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy a film for the whole family in the comfort of your own backyard.

To work, your “screen” really just needs to be flat and not flapping in the breeze. Even a light-coloured wall or garage door will do. Inflatable movie screens are affordable now and very popular as a portable, temporary option. Quality projectors are available new for under $500 and used projectors for less than half that. Play the movie through your laptop or PlayStation console (maybe start with an hour of gaming??) and set up speakers for the audio.

#4. Make Your Own Dinosaur Planters


We’ve all seen those gorgeous dinosaur planters on Etsy. But, why order one (and pay big bucks for it) when you can make one (or a dozen or so) for yourself? Make one, make a dozen…they’re perfect for the garden, the living room, the deck or balcony or even your kids’ rooms.

#5. Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!


No bubble wands on hand? No problem. Use a clean (insect innards-free) fly swatter dipped in a bowl of bubble solution. It makes loads of tiny bubbles and is easy for little ones to hold. Other bubble wand stand-ins: cups with the bottoms cut out, pipe cleaners bent into the right shape, spaghetti portion measurers and cookie cutters. No bubble solution either? Here’s a simple recipe to make it at home.


#6. Plant an Avocado Pit


We love avocados. They’re so amazingly delicious and so exceptionally good for us that we just can’t resist them. So we buy them in bulk and then eat them on the fly. But that leaves us with a mountain of pits. Sure we can toss them in the kitchen garbage and be done with them, but why not try to plant them?


#7. Host a Sleepover


Invite your kids’ friends over for a night. When there’s a light at the end of madness (the morning light when their parents will come and get them), it’s easy to handle the chaos. We’ve shared some helpful hints for making a sleepover a success (rather than a snooze-fest!).


#7. Blind them with Science (and Rainbows!)


Place a glass of water on the edge of a counter and place a sheet of white paper on the floor in front of it. Cover the light end of a flashlight with masking tape so only a slit of light shines through. Flash the light through the glass, towards the paper, to see the rainbow.

Why it works: Light is made up of many colours. A rainbow is created when light is bent (refracted) and the colours separate. Refraction occurs when light passes through water droplets, or in this case, the glass of water.


#8. Make Backyard Volcanoes


What could be more fun on a lazy day than helping the littles construct their own erupting (!) volcano? We love this project because it’s fun, messy and educational…what more could a parent (and kids) want?


#9. Make the Night Shine


The kids love making these lanterns (with some help, of course!), and although it may seem like a long process, with a bit of planning it actually goes very quickly.


#10. Make microwave ‘playdough’


Why not make some play dough for (or with) your littles? This is a great recipe that only takes ten minutes to make. Play dough is kind of awesome…making your own at home is a great treat for kids (and so simple!).



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