25 (More) Things to Do Before Summer Ends

What have you checked off your summer bucket list this year? Everything? Anything?


Can you believe it’s already August? In just a few—short!—weeks, the littles will be going back to school and our lives will get so. much. more. difficult. We’ll be helping with homework, packing lunches, going to parent-teacher nights and getting back into the swing of all things back-to-school.

Don’t let the time go by without checking everything off your summer bucket list! Here are 25 activities you must do with your kids before the summer ends. The countdown is officially on!

1. Try a new flavour of ice cream

2. Go on a mystery drive (take your GPS with you!)

3. Set up a lemonade stand to raise money for charity

4. Have a back yard water fun day

5. Make a bird feeder

6. Visit the local library

7. Have a dance party in the rain

8. Teach your kids how to skip a stone.

9. Swim at night (or while the sun is setting)

10. Go lawn bowling

11. Grill a pizza

12. Re-connect your kids with their school friends (and you with their parents)

13. Make sand angels at the beach or in the grass

14. Sleep outside

15. Make grilled corn on the cob

16. Host an ice cream buffet (for breakfast!)

17. Ride a roller coaster

18. Drive out to the country at night and look up at the stars

19. Go fly a kite

20. Watch a sunset (without taking any pictures)

21. Find a lake and go for a dip

22. Read all day, in bed, with the windows open

23. Catch a ball game (professional or amateur)

24. Go tomato picking

25. Make flower crowns and bracelets (and wear them)

What are you going to do over the next two weeks to make the most of what’s left of summer? What are your kids’ favourite summer activities?

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