4 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

You don't have to spend a bundle to show your child's teacher how much they're appreciated. Deanne Gage shares four gift ideas for that special teacher in your child's life

Photography by Fern R, via Flickr (CC)

The school year is soon coming to a close and you’re still puzzling over gift possibilities for your child’s teacher. You’d like to give something meaningful that shows your appreciation. Sound familiar? Try one of these four frugal and teacher-approved ideas.

1. Say “thank you”
It doesn’t cost a thing for you and/or your child to verbally express your thanks. Teachers, like the rest of us, like to feel appreciated for the work they do. Who wouldn’t be moved with someone saying something to this effect? “Thanks for all your hard work with improving [child’s name] skills in [insert subject here]. We really value the extra time you put in.”

2. Put pen to paper
Many teachers told me handmade cards or notes always hold the most value. As the years go by, these simple mementoes are often cherished and kept in a special place.

3. Think gift cards
The beauty of gift cards is that they can be in any denomination that you wish. You could purchase a gift card for a restaurant, the movies or a store you know the teacher likes. But simple coffee cards are most popular with teachers since they can not only get their favourite beverage, but also a pastry or similar snack.

4. Donate
Give the gift that keeps on giving to those less fortunate. Make a donation to a charity in the teacher’s name. Or you could purchase a couple of books and some school supplies for the classroom to benefit future students.

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