A Look Back at 35 Years of FASHION

Think about some of the outfits you rocked in the early 1990s. Do they make you cringe? Of course they do. I remember wearing buckles on my t-shirts, side ponytails, neon scrunchies, and one particularly unfortunate school photo involving a crushed velvet dress and teased bangs. Back then, I took my fashion cues from Blossom Russo with her funky vests, suspenders and wacky hats. And while it’s a little embarrassing now, at the time it was totally cool. I can only assume that today’s 10-year-olds will feel the same way when they look back in the year 2032 and wonder why on earth they thought leggings could pass for pants, or why they’re all making the same weird duck-like face in every photo.

It’s important to document these fashion choices, however ill-advised they may seem in retrospect, because some day down the line we’re going to stumble across photos of them with our children and have a good laugh about ombre hair and high-waisted jeans. Which is why it’s so great that our friends over at FASHION have put together an archive of the last 35 years of the magazine’s covers, since their launch in 1977. Scanning through the issues from April 2012 (Lily Collins wearing a $275 Dolce & Gabbana bra and a $31,500 Van Cleef & Arpels ring) all the way back to Fall 1977 (black liner, simple hair and a $160 Missoni turtleneck sweater) is quite the trip down FASHION‘s memory lane, and a reminder of just how much things have changed. I’m particularly fond of the April 1991 cover (pictured here), which features model Danielle Scott wearing a very Blossom-esque hat (see? I told you it was totally cool!). You’ll find the full gallery of covers over at FASHION.

Which cover is your favourite?

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