March Break Madness—Be a Knight for a Day

Here at CF we know that while you enjoy having your kids home for a week during March break, there’s that little voice inside that is partially dreading having to entertain young ones for a whole week. If your kidlet can come across more like a dragon than a prince or princess, Toronto’s historic Casa Loma is offering up a pretty appealing solution.

The Casa Loma Kids Club is offering an event unlike any other in the city. Become a Knight allows kids aged seven to twelve to escape to the middle ages and become a knight or lady for the day. The March 21 event includes medieval story telling, the chance to create a coat of arms, a sword duel and a knighting ceremony.

*A quick note: While we know the idea of dropping off the kids and heading off for some afternoon shopping is appealing, Casa Loma asks that all parents buy an adult ticket for the event and attend as a chaperone.

Tickets are $17 for adults and $31 for kids and include admission to Casa Loma, access to the event, and a ticket to the Sir Henry Pallat documentary. For more information visit the Seasonal Events page at

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