Best iPhone Apps For Kids

At first we stood by our classic qwerty keypad phones for their ease of use. It was comfortable and effortless, and we liked that. But then we started noticing other mommies at daycare or the doctor’s office with their iPhones or iPod Touch. Damn, they looked smug. Us, schlepping with an extra 20 lbs worth of pop up books, noise makers and building blocks, and them, only with their endless amount of apps. And now we understand why the initial cost of the iPod Touch or iPhone (which, funnily enough, also works great for phone calls) may very well provide the bang for your buck; at a couple dollars a pop, these apps can entertain any antsy preschoolers through long lines, boring appointments and neverending car rides.

Here are some of our favs (tried and tested by staffers kids):

Robert Munsch & Tumblebooks: Six of the Canadian authors classic tales told through narration and accompanied with graphics, $5.99.
– Hockey All Star Shoot-Out: A fun game for the sports fanatic that pits you against NHL goalies, $0.99.
– Wheels on the Bus: Based on the children’s rhyme, this interactive musical storybook lets little ones touch, explore and even record their own singing, $0.99.
Melvin’s Marvellous Words: The first app from fan favourite TVOKids, is a word-matching game for preschoolers, $1.99.
-BounceOn: Is the perfect for little gamers. Roll and bounce through 75 levels, while collecting gems and avoiding enemies, $1.99.

P.S. There is also bunch of apps for older kids and tweens, especially for those in that ignore-you-in-public phase.

What is your favourite app?

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