The Best Plants for Kids

These plants are the best way to inspire a love of nature in your little ones

The Best Plants for KidsBeyond the sensationalized carnivorous Venus flytraps, velvety soft lambs’ ears and talking-face snapdragons, here are three lesser-known but equally fascinating plants your family will love.

1 Lungwort (Pulmonaria majeste)

With its deer-resistant spotted foliage, this perennial is a dependable and showy spring-bloomer, ideal for shady locations. The kid appeal lies in its flowers that change colours: The buds start out pink and open to a stunning azure blue.

2 Christmas rose (Helleborus “Ivory Prince’)

Often the first flower that blooms (December to April, depending on what part of Canada you live in), this evergreen perennial brings extreme joy when the nodding blossoms appear. Plant at your garden’s edge, close to the front door, and award a prize to the person who spots the plant’s first star-shaped flower.

3 Spurge (Euphorbia X martini)

This relative of the poinsettia makes the list because of its unique outer-space-like, electric-green flowers. Even better: It’s almost impossible to kill, perfect for busy moms and forgetful little ones just learning how to look after something. When planted in well-drained soil it will blossom for months without any care. One caution: the milky sap in some varieties is toxic if ingested.

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