Build a Backyard Paradise for Kids and Grown-Ups

Instead of sending the kids outside, why not join them too? Build a backyard paradise fit for kids and parents so everyone can enjoy the sun!

Parents are always trying to think of ways to get their kids to spend more time outside. Instead of sending them on their own to go play outside, why not join them? By building a backyard paradise for kids and grown-ups, everyone can enjoy some fresh air and time in the sun.  


Playing games outside is a great opportunity for family bonding. What better way to get the whole family together to spend some time outdoors than by setting aside all technology and experiencing fresh air? Games can be as simple as finding an old Frisbee in the garage and throwing it around for a couple of hours. Although outdoor games like Frisbee or playing catch can get boring after a while, there are a few DIY options to keep outdoor games interesting and stimulating for the whole family.


Bag toss is an outdoor game for families trying to spend time together. It can be played with two players or in teams. The boards are to face each other with players standing behind each board. Each player is given four bean bags to toss. Standing at a distance from the target, players are to toss the bean bags at the board. The players then take turns tossing the bean bags until all bags are tossed. After each round, the players keep score, and the winner takes the first shot in the next round.

Tip: Some outdoor gaming companies have the option to customize their games. This way, the game has a personal touch and fits your own backyard perfectly. If you’re interested in bag toss games, you can customize targets, adding some fun for everyone.  

Bring the Park Home


Build a Swing or Tire Swing

Save a trip to the park by using some easy DIY techniques to build a swing in your own backyard. Build a rope swing with a strong tree branch, a square piece of wood, and rope.

Step 1: Drill two holes in the wood.

Step 2: Feed the rope over the tree, and through the wood, making strong knots underneath the seat.

Step 3: Repeat for the other side of the wood.

Tip: Make this a tire swing by cleaning an old tire. To do so, attach the rope securely to the tire instead of the wood.

Construct a Sandbox

Build a sandbox in your own backyard. Build a frame the size of your choice, using wood, and fill the frame with sand. Enhance this sandbox by adding a beach umbrella, or building a canopy to prevent sunburns. Parents can watch the kids in the sandbox, and kids are able to play in the sand for hours without having to leave the park!

Install a Splash Pad

Make your backyard your own waterpark. Install a splash pad in your backyard paradise and always feel refreshed on summer days. A splash pad can be a fun project for the whole family, encouraging people to leave the air-conditioned indoors to have some fun in the sun. Splash pads can be built by attaching a hose to pipes with holes in them. Splash pads can also be built professionally using concrete and sprinklers. Some retailers also offer customizable splash pads, adding a personalized element to your backyard paradise.


Everybody loves family movie night, but some nights staying inside seems boring. Some try to keep the tradition alive by spending a lot of money at the theater, but why not DIY your own theater outside?

Step 1: Hang curtain wire between two posts (or trees).

Step 2: Drape a white tarp over the curtain wire, making sure the tarp is even on both sides.  If the tarp is uneven, this may cause the light from the projector to project unevenly.

Step 3: Prevent the screen from swaying in the wind by drilling holes in the bottom corners of the tarp, and placing bungee cord hooks through the holes in the corners. Pull the bungee cords and attach the other end of the bungee cord to posts in the grass.

Step 4: Set up a projector in front of the screen. Pick your chairs, blankets, and snacks, and enjoy family movie night from your own backyard!



Leisure is an important aspect of any backyard paradise. A place to relax also gives adults a place to socialize and a place to watch the kids play.

Design a Picnic Table

Picnic tables are a great outdoor seating option, as the whole family can enjoy them. To start, find a picnic table plan and follow the instructions. To make picnic tables even more fun for the whole family, have the kids in charge of building their own kids table. Once the tables are done, families can eat outside and socialize, and parents can watch kids playing outdoor games, playing in the splash pad, and having fun in the sandbox and on the swings.  

Hang a Hammock

Hammocks are a comfy place to lie down and relax in the fresh air, making your backyard feel like paradise. They can be built by attaching hammock mesh or cloth to a tree. Hammocks can also be bought and installed in your backyard.

Light Up a Pergola

Pergolas are secluded covered outdoor seating areas. These areas are usually furnished with cozy patio chairs, couches, and hammocks. String lights are sometimes attached to pergolas to bring people outside past dark. Not only does the pergola provide outdoor seating for socializing, but the lighting also allows the kids to continue playing in the backyard while the adults are enjoying their night.

Tip: String lights can be personalized with DIY techniques. One way to make string lights more decorative is to use an X-Acto knife and cut an X into ping-pong balls, pushing each individual light bulb into a ball.

Warm Up with a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a valuable addition to any backyard paradise. A fire pit can be somewhere to warm up on a cool night or somewhere fun to roast marshmallows and listen to music as a family. Building a fire pit can be simple, using stones and aligning patio chairs, or they can be bought at most hardware stores. Fire pits can also be incorporated into the design of a pergola, making the comforting environment even cozier.

There are many ways to have family fun outdoors. Families can get some fresh air and escape technology in their own backyard paradise. Whether the hammock is hanging from your favorite tree, a beanbag toss tournament is being played, or a splash pad is installed in your yard, kids and grown-ups are sure to be getting fresh air and quality bonding time.

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