Cottage Activities to Celebrate Canada’s 150th

If you’re cottaging during July 1st, you can still engage in many fun activities to celebrate the 150th Canada Day.

O Canada, you look pretty good for your age! 2017 is a big year for our country, since it’s celebrating its 150th year of independence.


Celebrate Canada Day with a classic cookout! Make sure your paper plates and cups are all red and white.

Find a local parade.

Small towns and big cities alike host Canada Day parades. Many places have extra special festivities planned to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary! Check to see if your destination’s community offers a parade.

Canada day cottage celebration

Make maple treats

Embrace the stereotypes. Break out the maple syrup, maple candy and maple doughnuts for perfect Canadian flavours!

Make Canada-themed foods.

Nothing says “Canada” like a plate of poutine or a steaming pan of maple bacon. Get groceries for all your favorite Canadian classics so you can celebrate Canada Day as deliciously as possible while you’re cottaging! If you don’t feel like cooking, buy any regular size Poutine and Coca-Cola beverage at participating New York Fries locations between June 1 – July 31, 2017 for a chance to win a $10,000 vacation rental with CanadaStays. Check out the Great Canadian Vacation Giveaway here.

Play music by Canadian artists.

Make a playlist of music by Canada’s best music artists! Listen to Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Michael Buble, Nelly Furtado and more, or just compile Canadian songs like Gordon Lightfoot classics and Song for the Myra.

Visit an important national sight around your cottage.

If you’re in a totally new place during Canada Day, take advantage of your location by enjoying new Canadian sights! For example, look for important governmental or buildings, visit historic sights or see places relevant to Canadian pop culture.

Find a Canada Day festival near you.

Ottawa and Vancouver are planning massive Canada Day festivals this year, as are other major metro centers around the country. If you’re nearby, plan to engage in the festivities!

Watch a fireworks display.

The classic Canada Day evening activity is, of course, fireworks viewing. If you’re near a city or town while cottaging, check to see if you can catch the local fireworks display. Don’t forget the sparklers!

Canada day cottage celebration-Canada day Fireworks

Make your own Canada t-shirts.

Vacation is the best time to get messy and crafty! Before you leave for your cabin, pack along some tie-dye or puffy paint as well as red or white shirts. This is fun for all ages!

Have a campfire and an acoustic singalong to all three verses of “O Canada.”

You may not know all three verses to the National Anthem, so why not learn them this year? Bring your guitar to the cottage and make an event out of it.

Canada day cottage celebration- Canada day activities around the cottage

Learn about Canada’s aboriginal heritage.

First Nations heritage is an often-forgotten aspect of Canada Day. Check out First Nations sites or museums near your cottage rental.

Enjoy Canada’s beautiful natural world.

If your cottage is too far away from civilization for you to gather with other Canadians, then just get out and enjoy nature! After all, this beautiful natural world is what drew both the original First Nations peoples and European settlers to its shores. Without the wilderness, there would be no Canada.


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