Canadian Family Reader Tips: Great Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

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We know that the holidays can be an expensive time—there are presents to buy, parties to make, and food to bake—but we also know that our readers are super savvy and would have some great tips to share about saving money.

We asked: What’s one thing you do to save money around the holidays?

On our Facebook page, Jenn Wright suggested that she watches for some great two-for-one sales.

Christina Chase-Nugent also had a great idea! She said that gift exchanging between the adults doesn’t happen until New Years. That way, she and her family can take advantage of the great Boxing Week sales!

One of our very own associate editors, Alicia McAuley, saves money by making a lot of her gifts. In addition, she is a big fan of baked goods. “You really can’t go wrong with edible gifts—especially if you know the recipient’s favourite type of cookie!”

Vicky has a unique response: Don’t shop! So simple.

Heather has her money-saving down to a science. She makes her lists and buys only what is on the list. No spontaneous purchases for her—those add up!

Pre-cook some meals weeks ahead. Otherwise holiday mode turns into ‘delivery food’ mode!” says Chantal Saville.

MyBitsandBites focuses her money and energy on buying gifts for the kids and then has all the adults participate in Secret Santa so each adult only buys—and gets—one gift.

Charlotte and her husband stopped exchanging gifts with each other. It’s such a great way to keep costs down!

And don’t forget that you can always try exchanging toys rather than buying brand new ones for all of the kids on your list.

What about you? What’s something you will do to save some money this year?

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