Christmas Wishlist: A Farting Stuffie?


When we first received the pitch for this toy elephant we had to laugh. I mean we all love whoopee-cushion humor but, there is a time and a place and we’re not sure it belongs in the hands of our preschoolers.

But nonetheless, we were interested and decided to investigate further. On the surface it looks like a fairly run-of-the-mill stuffed toy, but we were surprised that this 10-inch gaseous creature not only toots, but has a variety of 8 different farts. Wow. But thankfully, Phartephant is not completely without manners, he does apologize on occasion. And apparently, as the website suggests, he is a fabulous addition to boardroom meetings as well as slumber parties.

We are placing this squarely in the WTF bin! Right next to this and this.

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