Clearly Organized Bags: An Easy Way to Corral Your Child’s Toys

Keep all those small toy parts together with this simple storage solution

Photography courtesy Clearly Organized

I did a deep-clean of the girls’ playroom today because a friend of mine is in town for the night and I needed a place for him to sleep that wasn’t littered with toys. During this process, I was reminded again how much I love our toy storage. My friend Laura has an organizing blog, I’m an Organizing Junkie, and she wrote about some organizing bags that she really liked. I figured that I could use them in my then-five-year-old daughter’s room for her Polly Pockets and such. That was five years ago.

If your kids are anything like mine, they have toys that have many little pieces. I like to keep sets/kits together, because having one big toy box drives me a little insane. Toys end up not being played with because the pieces weren’t kept together, and digging in a toy box for that one little missing piece gets old quite fast. This still happens once in a while, but it happens much less often when the toys are separated like with like.

Clearly Organized bags are zippered canvas bags that have a clear window so kids can see the bag’s contents. They come in five sizes, ranging from 4.25″ x 5.75″ to 15.5″x 13.5″. The bags are available individually, in same-size four-packs, and in a sample pack. I purchased the sample pack and have found a use for each size bag, the small ones to hold decks of cards and the large ones to hold cars and plastic tea sets. The purpose possibilities of these bags are truly endless (there are a few sample ideas for each bag size on the website) and they are not limited to just toys.

We’ve been using these bags for, like I said, five years now, and they still look brand new. They are used almost daily and every single zipper still works. Not one single bag has a rip or tear or hole in it. What more could we ask for?

Clearly Organized bags, starting at $4, available from

What is your favorite toy storage solution?

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One response to “Clearly Organized Bags: An Easy Way to Corral Your Child’s Toys”

  1. Cerys says:

    I use ziploc bags for everything organized (clear for seeing what’s in bags), and for small pieces, over the door shoe organizers (clear pockets again). Ziplocs come in a variety of sizes. Ziploc may be a bit cheaper, but they don’t have handles like the Clearly Organized Bags.