Could You Wear Only 6 Items of Clothing for One Month?

What if we told you that undergarments, shoes, accessories, work uniforms, work-out gear and jackets don’t count towards your total?

A group of folks from around the world have decided to give it a try, launching a project they’re calling Six Items Or Less on June 21st. It’s not necessarily intended to be a comment on consumerism, say the organizers, but rather a social experiment. That said, many participants are doing it for just that reason: to find out if they can do with less.

One SAHM named Shannon is participating with her three daughters and husband, and seems to be enjoying the experiment so far:

I was folding laundry last night and mentioned to the kids—yet again—how much less we have to do and was pointing out how nice it is for all of us. My husband suggested that we continue with the six items theme but for every month we pick a different six. Not sure if this is on par with our ‘simpler way of life’ goal, but it’s an idea for us to consider.

And be sure to read the illuminating post about the experiment from Shannon’s 11-year-old.

What do you think? Could you do it for a month?

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