11 Easy DIY Baby Gifts

A DIY baby gift can be touching and shows how much you care about the new bundle of joy.

If you’re a crafty type at all, you’ll know that pleasure that can come from making something beautiful for someone else. I’ve been busy making all kinds of the things for the nursery, and I have a few of these ideas on my to-do list to make for my own baby, as well as for my best friend’s baby, who is due a month after mine. (Shhh! Don’t tell her.)

Any of the sewing projects included here are completely within the reach of even those with basic sewing skills, so give them a try. And to manage expectations, I should point out that just because these are all easy, that doesn’t mean that they’re all quick. Most of these can be created in an evening or a couple of hours, but some will take longer, depending on your skill level.

We’ve also included some no-sew options, including one woodworking project for “good measure.” (That’s a bad pun. You’ll understand when you see it.)

Have you found an amazing baby gift tutorial online? Share it with us in the comments, please!


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