29 Amazing Uses for Duct Tape

Because it is so versatile, we’ve made a list of many of the things this truly multipurpose product can do. Here are 29 uses for our favourite tape.


Duct tape finds its roots in World War 2. Invented primarily to keep soldier’s ammunition sealed and water free, they quickly realized that it could be used for so much more and before long they were using it to fix everything from airplanes to firearms.

Duct tape is one of those things that the the inventor got exactly right – just like hitting a home run. It is such a versatile product that it deserves a spot in your purse, toolkit, car, desk drawer and home.


1. Patch a leak in a boat.

2. Patch a leak in your plumbing.

3. Repair a cracked water bottle.

4. Remove warts: It has something to do with skin cell replication and magical swarming T-cells but basically 6 days of duct tape followed by some water and voila – no more warts.


5. Tape broken fingers or toes together to immobilize the break.

6. Repair a trash can.

7. As a lint remover: Use strips of duct tape to remove pesky cat or dog hair from your clothes, furniture, and carpet.

8. Make a belt.

9. Make a sling.


10. Duct tape yourself a hammock (Each individual piece of duct tape can withstand over 67 pounds of force. So making a double-sided 4′ x 7′ grid of duct tape makes for the perfect DIY hammock).

11. Remove sticker residue by placing a piece of duct tape over the spot where the sticker is, rub it a few times, and peel the mess away (it might take few tries to get everything). 

12. Patch up rips in clothes or quickly hem pants or a skirt

13. Patch the soles of your shoes or boots.

14. Remove small splinters from your skin – yeah, it is that sticky.


15. Make a drinking cup. Just be sure to mesh sticky side to sticky side together so you don’t have any exposed glue in your cup.

16. Fix your eye glasses.

17. Make emergency repairs on your car hoses, broken car windows, etc.

18. Hide objects. A bit of duct tape can easily attach a key or money in a hard to reach/see place.

19. Repair furniture rips and tears.


20. Open a super-stuck lid. If you’re grappling with a pickle jar seal that’s particularly powerful, a strip of duct tape might just offer the extra oomph you need to start enjoying lunch. 

21. Tape wires back together after splicing them.

22. Fix a vacuum cleaner hose.

23. Prevent Blisters From Ruining A Workout. When you first feel the symptoms of an impending blister, put a piece of duct tape on the irritated spot as smoothly as possible. If a blister has already developed, protect it by placing a circle of paper or gauze directly over the blister, and then apply the duct tape on top. 

24. Wrap a sprained ankle or foot.


25. Make a duct tape wallet. You can make a great water resistant wallet using duct tape. There are many different variations, and of course you can take advantage of the many different colours of tape to customize it to your liking.

26. Prevent scuff marks from chairs on your wooden floors by either taping around wheels of office chairs or putting a doubled up piece of tape on the bottom of stationary chairs’ legs.

27. Fix a broken tent pole.

28. Reseal packages of food.

29. Fix screening.

What do you use duct tape for…?


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