Create Your Own Time Capsule in 5 Easy Steps

Making a family time capsule? Here are five things to consider before getting started

Create Your Own Time Capsule in 5 Easy Steps1. What’s the occasion?
A time capsule can be a fun activity for any occasion. Whether you want to preserve a birthday celebration by having party-goers help collect items or if you want to toast a holiday such as Canada Day and New Year’s, it’s a project that can make special occasions even more memorable. It’s also a perfect activity for a family reunion or even a great idea to keep the kids busy on a rainy summer day.


2. What will hold your time capsule items?
This can be anything from a shoebox, a metal container or a specially crafted capsule purchased just for this use. Kids can get the act by personalizing it with their own designs.


3. How long will you store your time capsule?
The time frame can range from weeks or months to years. Consider who it’s for — will it be for your family 10 years from now, for your grandchildren or more generally for anyone who finds it?


4. What will you put in your time capsule?
Collect items you feel are unique and special to the time frame you are preserving. These items can include anything from toys, coins, photographs (ask a camera store for the best ways to make them last without yellowing), CDs, ticket stubs and newspaper clippings (copied on acid-free paper). For added protection, place your items in an airtight plastic bag. Keep in mind when selecting your time capsule items that they will need to fit within the time capsule container.


5. Where will you keep your time capsule?
Where the time capsule will be stored depends on a few things, including the type of container you’ve chosen and the length of time the capsule will be preserved. So a shoebox time capsule that will be opened in 20 years, it is best not to bury underground, rather, find a secret and safe spot for it in your home. Just write down a reminder somewhere, so you remember where it is hidden.

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