11 Crafts and Activities for Long-Weekend Fun

These simple, inexpensive crafts and activities will keep boredom at bay all weekend long

If you haven’t planned a road trip this coming long weekend, you might be frantically searching for a few simple—and inexpensive—ways to keep kids entertained for three days straight. No worries, we’ve got 11 great crafts and activities that your littles (and you) are sure to love!

1. Make Your Own Slime


Show your kids just how cool science can be by helping them to synthesize a slimy, rubbery polymer concoction from glue and laundry detergent.

2. Cook with the Sun


Build your own oven. Learn about solar power. And bake some cookies. This is officially the Best. Science. Project. Ever.

3. Dinosaur Planters


Dino plant pots. Make one, make a dozen…they’re perfect for the garden, the living room, the deck or balcony or even your kids’ rooms.

4. Juggling Balls


A quick and easy craft for kids of all ages. All you need are a variety of balloons and some dried beans and—presto!—instant circus.

5. Ice Cream Science


In this project kids can use the power of salt to freeze their own ice cream and then they can eat it!

6. Decorate the Yard with Yarn Globes


Want to make some adorable decorations for your deck or house? We’ve got a great idea….and it’s super simple!

7. Make a Terrarium

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DIY a terrarium for your kids’ room, your front hall, a living room nook or for your bedside table…the possibilities are endless!

8. Make a Road Trip Bingo Game


Because eventually you’ll take a road trip this summer, spend this weekend prepping for it. Turn a simple cutting board into an awesome travel bingo game with a little help from these colourful templates.

9. Make Liquid Sidewalk Chalk


We know that once the warmer weather hits, kids love drawing on the sidewalks (the side of the house, the car and their own faces) with chalk, but have yours ever painted with it? It’s pretty simple to go from chalk to paint (and you’ll love the sidewalk canvas with no indoor mess!).

10. Make Microwave Play Dough


Play dough is kind of awesome…making your own at home is a great treat for kids (and so simple you can probably let them do it on their own!).

11. Decorate the Yard with Wax Globes

Candle-Holders -Wax-Balloons

DIY candle holders made from wax. So simple you’ll make dozens.




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