A Cute Craft for Chinese New Year: Paper Fortune Cookies

Happy Chinese New Year! This year, skip stale fortune cookies for this paper version your kids can make and personalize themselves.

Photography by design. wash. rinse. repeat.

No Chinese New Year celebration would be complete without a few fortune cookies filled with good wishes for the year ahead. This paper craft via design. wash. rinse. repeat. is a great option for little ones, as it’s very easy, super-cute—and lots of fun! With just a few basic materials, you’ll have a batch of brightly coloured fortune cookies your family will love tearing into.

What you’ll need:
• Brightly coloured scrapbook paper
• Tacks or glue
• Paper
• Scissors
• Pen or marker
• Something round to trace (like a CD)

Head on over to design. wash. rinse. repeat. for the full tutorial.

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