A Fun and Easy Halloween Craft Idea: Light-Up Haunted Houses

We found this super-cute haunted house craft project over at Just Something I Made. They're fun and easy to put together, and also budget-friendly!

Photography by Cathe Holden, Just Something I Made

Nothing says Halloween quite like a haunted house! No, we don’t mean converting your house into a haunted mansion (though it would be really fun) but rather, making a few of these oh-so-cute haunted houses to use as Halloween decorations. We found this great idea over at Just Something I Made, home of the very crafty Cathe Holden. They’re quick and easy to make—just follow the template and you’ll be done in a snap—and also budget-friendly, as you can find most of the necessary materials at your local dollar store.

Because this project calls for a craft knife and scissors, it’s best left to the older crowd (although younger kids can help with the folding and gluing). And if you want to get really creative, you can create a whole village of spooky, flickering haunted houses to delight party guests and trick-or-treaters alike.

What you’ll need:
• Black glittery scrapbook cardstock (12″ by 12″ will make two houses)
• Flameless tealight candles
House templates
• Craft knife
• Glue
• Decorative scissors

You’ll find the full instructions for this project, along with a printable haunted house template, over at Just Something I Made. We love Cathe’s suggestion to use the paper houses as treat boxes, too—instead of placing a battery operated tealight in the bottom, fill the house with Halloween treats!

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