A Fun and Simple Craft Idea: Tissue Box Gobble Monsters

Recycle, reuse and reduce with tissue box monsters and everything you need is right at home.

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

These monsters are super cute and love to gobble things up. Kids can whisper secrets to them or stick messages inside. You could even use these sweet guys as a parenting tool: Maybe they stay in the bedroom to eat up bad dreams or become someone to yell at instead of a little sister.

What you’ll need:
• Tissue boxes
Paint (if an adult is supervising, use spray paint for a glossy, even finish)
• Construction paper or craft foam
Scraps from the recycling bin, like egg cartons, water bottle lids and small tin cans
• Googly eyes, buttons, raffia and pompoms

1. Paint a tissue box and let dry.

2. Enlarge the opening for the mouth if desired and add two strips of teeth cut from construction paper or craft foam.

3. Adorn with reusable materials from around your house.

4. Find a home for your monster and enjoy.

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