Adorable Craft Idea: Spring Sprite Dolls

These cute dolls are easy to make and a sweet addition to your blooming gardens in the spring-time.


Spring Sprite Dolls

Stick dolls can be as easy or as intricate as a child likes. Small twigs lend an elfin effect; larger ones require less dexterity. Nests are a simple way to display your pretties; roll an apple-size piece of sheet moss into a ball, make a hole in the centre and wrap with raffia.

What You’ll Need:

  • Twigs
  • A complimentarily sized bead
  • A 60-cm fabric strip (cut to the height of the twig)
  • Ribbon (about 30 cm)
  • Cedar cones


1. Form two twigs into a cross shape, wrapping ribbon around the middle to secure.

2. Glue a bead to the top of one of the twigs–this will be the doll’s head.

3. Gather the fabric around the twig to make the dress. Bind ballgown with ribbon, tying at back to create wings.

4. Adorn her head with a cedar cone coif. You can add facial features using colourful markers or add some sparkle to the dress with sequins and glitter.

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