An Awesome (but simple!) Retro Luke Skywalker Costume

Luke Skywalker. Defender of the galaxy or just Leia's bro? We love his costume either way.


Luke Skywalker, legendary war hero and Jedi who helped defeat the Galactic Empire, has one of the easiest costumes to put together yourself.

If your child takes karate, use the top of his karate outfit and a pair of beige cargo pants or chinos and put his winter boots on his feet (warmth! it’s awesome!).

Otherwise, young Luke needs a belt (we added a black pouch and a pair of binoculars to it), a light sabre (what young jedi doesn’t have one by now?), and perhaps a remote control R2-D2 robot—or a Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droidto keep him company(!).

One of the great things about this costume is that you can also layer a sweater or turtle neck under the jacket and leggings under the pants. We’re always looking for ways to keep the wee goblins warm on Halloween in Canada.

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