Bathtub Crafts: DIY Puffy Soap Paint

Photography from Regina at Chalk in My Pocket
This idea was too cute and too creative to pass by! The idea behind Bathtub Puffy Paint is simple enough: blend up a little soap and water in a food processor, scoop your “puffy” concoction out into tupperware containers and add dye to colour the paint. (Mommy-blogger Regina used trusty liquid watercolours so it wouldn’t stain her white-tile bathtub). Scoop the now coloured puffy paint into cake piping bags and let your little one have at it during bathtime! And when all is said and done, and your bathroom looks like the mottled nightmare of a care bear, just take the shower head and rinse it all away.


Not everything went so swimming for Regina the first time she experimented with Bathtub Puffy Paint. She, like other moms who are merely human and are bound to make mistakes, showed (and continue to show off) their epic disasters at CraftFail.

What was your most disastrous creative project?

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