Bespoke Cards…How Do We Love Thee?

Meet the Two Torontonian Women Looking to Launch a Print Renaissance with Bonnefetti, the New Canadian Premium Paper Goods Company.

We have always had a soft spot for paper…we love cards for every occasion and the nicer the card, the better we feel about giving it. We have also always had a weakness for Canadian made products…this year, especially.

So when we heard about Abby Yew and Nancy Ng, the two women behind Bonnefetti, which is a Toronto-based premium paper goods company, we did a double take. The company launched this spring, and the two are the first to acknowledge their story is an unlikely one. At a time when mediums are becoming increasingly digitized, Bonnefetti goes against the grain, opting for pen and paper, and a fundamental belief in the power of the written word.  

Born out of a shared love for beautiful and bespoke designs, Bonnefetti was created to celebrate the art of thoughtful communication. “In today’s digital age, everything is so immediate – you barely have time to think about what you’re writing before you hit send,” says Abby Yew, Co-Founder, Bonnefetti Paper Studio. “Bonnefetti is about slowing down and encouraging people to take the time to celebrate life’s big and small moments, thoughtfully.”

The pair first crossed paths in 2010, while both working in advertising. At the time, Abby, a Marketing Planner, and Nancy, a Creative Designer would collaborate on client projects sporadically. But it wasn’t until Abby asked Nancy for her help in designing her wedding invitations that the pair really started to jive both personally and professionally. Seven years (and a lot of coffees and late night brainstorms) later, Bonnefetti Paper Studio was born, along with a blossoming friendship between the two first-time entrepreneurs.

If there’s one thing the ladies hope people take away, it’s that no matter the gift or occasion, don’t forget the card.

“A card should never be an afterthought,” says Nancy Ng, Co-Founder and Designer. “You can pour your heart out in a written card, in a way you can’t in an email or text. There are no CC’s, reply all’s – there’s just one tangible copy shared between the writer and the receiver. A card has the power to move people and there’s something intrinsically intimate in that connection.”

Bonnefetti Paper Studio prides itself on its offering of curated collections of quality cards and paired wrapping sheets. The premium cards are designed to evoke joy and wonderment and are available as singles or boxed sets. With its signature squared design and blank template, Bonnefetti cards are the perfect canvas for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, to baby and bridal showers and those ‘just because’ moments.

To check out the full line, visit  or follow @bonnefetti on social.


Featured Collections:

Animal Friends

Friends stick together. Animal Friends are perfect to welcome, congratulate, anticipate, and celebrate tiny tots.


Box of Sweets

Dessert is meant to be shared. Spread the joy with the Box of Sweets Collection – perfect for any occasion that calls for dessert.


Have Heart

The Have Heart Collection is perfect for sending notes of gratitude, adoration, encouragement, propositions, and even proposals. Blank inside so you get to decide.

Pictured left to right, Co-Founders Abby Yew and Nancy Ng launched Bonnefetti Paper Studio in Spring 2017


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