Boredom Buster: Make an Activity Jar

Photo Courtesy of somewhat simple

It doesn’t take long for moms everywhere to hear the line “Mom, I’m bored!”

That’s why this mama over at somewhat simple came up with a quick solution to the problem: the “Mom, I’m Bored!” jar.

It’s so simple, it just might work.

To make your own, use any cookie jar or empty tin you have around the house and decorate it with some ribbon and the image provided. Then stuff the jar with activity ideas to pick from (a list of ideas can be found here).

When boredom hits, hand the jar over to your little one. When they reach in they could pull out “play dress up” or “pick up the trash outside”, which might make them think carefully about claiming to be bored again…

For more ideas, check out 20 Summer Boredom Busters.

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