Braided Headphone Cords

These braided headphones will look as cool as the music you are listening to!


A seriously simple way to jazz up headphone cords, charger cords or even eyeglass cords. Just use a couple of simple braiding techniques.


  • 8.5 yard (8 m) of embroidery floss in each of grey, coral, mustard, lime green, turquoise, dark green, and cream
  • Set of ear-bud type headphones
  • Tape (optional)
  • Needle
  • Scissors


1. Choose two colours of embroidery floss (I started with mustard and dark green), fold both lengths in half, and tie them together onto the main part of the headphone cable, before it divides into two. You may find it helpful to tape the divider of the headphone cable onto a work surface to hold it in place while you’re braiding.

2. Starting with both mustard threads on the left and both green threads on the right, bring the mustard round and over the wire and then under the green.

3. Now bring the green thread under the wire and up through the loop of mustard on the left.

4. Repeat in the other direction so that the mustard thread now on the right goes over the wire and then under the green again, and the green thread goes under the wire and up through the loop of mustard on the right.

5. Pull the threads to tighten the knot.

6. Repeat steps 2–5 nine more times—you now have ten rows. Trim off the rest of the mustard, leaving a loose end of about ½ in. (1 cm). Now add coral: fold the coral in half to find the middle, then tie that onto the cable over the green and mustard threads. Work ten rows in green and coral by repeating steps 2–5, covering the ends of the mustard with the new knots.

7. For the next row, repeat steps 2–5 but reverse the colours for each step. So for example, in step 2, start with both green threads to the right and the coral on the left, then bring the green round and over the wire, then under the coral. Repeat nine more times.

8. Keep working bands of two different thread colours, changing the colours as you like or using the photograph as a guide, until the whole wire is covered.

9. Using a needle, thread the last strands up the through the braid to secure and trim off the ends.

10. Now decorate the earbud cables. Take your first colour (I used cream) and tie the end of the floss to one of the wires. Trim the short end. Starting with the floss on the left, take the floss over and round the wire, and then over itself. Repeat over and over to create a spiral effect. To change colour, tie the new colour around the cable and the previous floss. I used mainly cream floss, switching to a different colour at intervals to create stripes. Thread the last threads up through the braid using the needle, and trim off any ends. Repeat with the second earbud cable.

You can add beads to your headphone wires, too: thread a bead onto the threads you’re working with, pull it up, and secure it in place with the next knot.

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