Brighten Your Outdoors with These Fun Rainbow Icicles

I like to think of myself as a crafty kind of gal, but the reality is that we don’t actually have a lot of craft materials lying around the house. Oh sure, we have crayons and paper, but if I want to do something above and beyond it often requires a trip to our local craft supply store. And I don’t always want to do that.

And here’s a bit of a confession: I’m not particularly sew-y, nor am I savvy with knitting needles or paints and brushes. But I do like to make stuff, especially when my daughters are involved. And if the craft is easy, and involves minimal supplies, heck, that’s even better. That’s why I’m so enamoured with this little idea for making your own rainbow icicles. And the kids love it too.

You will need:
• Food colouring
• Twine or kitchen string
• Popsicle moulds


Ready to freeze!

1. Pour water into the moulds and add a few drops of food colouring. This is the perfect time to ask questions and chat with your little helper. For example: what colours make orange? At what temperature will the water freeze? What would happen if you spill red food colouring on your white t-shirt? (Ha.)

2. Snip 8″ long pieces of string and tuck the middles into each compartment, making sure both ends are hanging loose.

3. Let freeze overnight.

4. Remove from the moulds and tie them around random tree branches.

That’s it! Over the course of the week we sprayed ours with cold water to see what would happen. We discovered that they became more icicle-like on bottom and melted into different shapes as temperatures fluctuated. Our icicles are now wearing a layer of snow, but they still provide a cheery splash of colour in our white and grey backyard. We will continue to watch them with interest!

Don’t you love crafts that are simple and satisfying? I do. That’s why we have another batch waiting in the freezer.

Andrea Tomkins is a mother of two imps, and wife of one. She’s a freelance writer who is often found with camera in hand or scribbling madly in her notebook. She is passionate about arts and culture, travel and healthy living, and gets an extra big thrill out of helping parents and kids discover all the hidden treasures Ottawa has to offer. You can follow her adventures on her blog, a peek inside the fishbowl, where she’s been writing about family life since 1999. She’ll be sharing a great new craft idea here at every Friday.


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