Candleholders made of Wax and Balloons

DIY candle holders made from wax. So simple you'll make dozens.


Add a simple but ethereal feel your decor anytime of the year (inside or out) with these easy homemade candle holders.

Double Boiler
Parchment Paper


1. Melt the wax over a double boiler or in a deep bowl that is wedged into a pot filled with boiling water.

Candle-Holders-Wax-Balloons-22. Fill a balloon with water by threading the opening to the tap nozzle. Use a clip to keep it closed.

3. Dip the balloon into the melted wax several times. Let it dry on parchment paper. To obtain a thicker (but less translucent) wax sphere, repeat this step several times.

Candle-Holders-Wax-Balloons-44. When the wax mold has cooled and hardened, take off the clip, empty the water and remove the balloon. Insert a tea light at the bottom of the candle holder. Repeat these steps to create more candleholders.



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