Candy Crafts: Gumdrop Sculptures

Photography from Rachelle Doorley via TinkerLab

So we all the know the old saying “don’t play with your food,” but when your working with something as malleable as juicy little gumdrops, it’s difficult to resist.

These Gumdrop Sculptures from mommy-blogger Rachelle Doorley at TinkerLab, serve a multifunctional purpose: they are colourful pieces of architecture, they help teach younger children about 3D shapes, and they’re also sweet, gummy, gooey treats to be dispatched with when your child is feeling like Godzilla! Your supply list is easy enough; just toothpicks and the soft candies.

Depending on the age of your child and how big their sweet tooth is, this may have to be a helicopter-mommy project, just to make sure the inevitable sugar rush (and subsequent sugar crash) is kept to a dull roar.

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