Celebrate Spring with This Colourful DIY Wreath

This easy DIY wreath will add a beautiful burst of colour to your home for spring

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

When the rain keeps you huddled inside, log some extra family time making this sweet and simple seasonal wreath.

What you’ll need:
• Colourful yarn (multiple colours if you wish)
• Foam wreath form
• Spring-inspired adornments (use your imagination!)

Take turns wrapping colourful yarn (we used four colours wrapped together) around a foam wreath form. Dress it up with spring-inspired adornments like a sweet pompom birdie (use a mini clothespin for a beak and wire for feet), a shredded paper nest and twigs from the yard.

Simple and stunning!

We’ve got lots of spring crafts to keep you busy all season long!

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