Celebrate Star Wars Day with a Chewbacca Sock Puppet Craft

Use the force to create this super-cute Star Wars puppet for your young padawan

Photography by StarWars.com

Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re a little bit nerdy sometimes. So when May 4th—aka Star Wars Day—rolls around, we can’t help but say: “May the fourth be with you.” Fans of the classic trilogy will know that this play on words is a nod to the famous movie line “may the force be with you.” If your kids have never seen the flicks, we say break out the popcorn bowl and enjoy a family movie night!

To help you celebrate all things Star Wars, we headed over to StarWars.com and found the perfect craft: a Chewbacca sock puppet.

What you’ll need:
• Some fake “fur” (check your local craft store)
• An old sock
• Scissors
• A needle and thread
• One black button
• Pipe cleaners
• Googly eyes
• Brown and grey felt

The site offers a printable version of the full “Chewie” puppet instructions, which is excerpted from The Star Wars Craft Book. Looking for another Star Wars-y idea? You can’t go wrong with these Princess Leia cupcakes.

Have your kids seen Star Wars? Who’s their favourite character? Who’s yours?

2 responses to “Celebrate Star Wars Day with a Chewbacca Sock Puppet Craft”

  1. Chris says:

    My two daughters are OBSESSED with Darth Vader. They say its because he “turns good” at the end. They even dressed up as Darth (full costume, cape and mask) for their recent costume birthday party but they included purple tutus as well :)
    My older three girls love Chewie and the Ewoks!

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