Check Out This Awesome Papercraft Alphabet Set

This printable paper craft is a fun way to help your kids learn their ABCs

Photography by Markus Fischer,

It’s official: we are completely smitten with this papercraft alphabet set from digitprop, which we spotted—where else?—over on Pinterest. Can we just take a moment here and pause to recognize its awesomeness?

The set was designed by Markus Fischer, a creative dad with a penchant for making cool paper toys for his kids. Each of the 26 colourful figures represents something that starts with that letter—from an astronaut in the shape of an A to a zebra in the shape of a Z. (Our favourite is the monster for M.) Each template can be cut, folded and glued to create a finished product that is as much a fun paper toy as it is an educational tool for your wee ones. We like Markus’ suggestion to use the letters to spell out cute messages.

The best part about this papercraft alphabet set? Markus is offering the entire set of templates—all 26 bright, fun letters—as a free download on his website. Yes, free. So head over to digitprop and get ’em while you can! All you’ll need is a printer and some sturdy paper (cardstock should do the trick), scissors and tape or glue. Older kids will be able to construct the papercraft alphabet set all on their own, but little ones will need your help.

While you’re there, be sure to check out Markus’ other papercraft creations, including templates for Cubicity paper toys and even a dinosaur wearing a top hat.

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