Cinco de Mayo Craft Idea: A Colourful Ojo de Dios

Celebrate the fifth of May—Cinco de Mayo—with a colourful craft that's perfect for little ones' hands (and their patience level!).


This Friday marks the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May. While it historically commemorates the victory of the Mexican army over the French army during the Battle of Puebla in 1862, Cinco de Mayo has become an annual celebration of Mexican culture—with amazing food, music, dancing and customs.

We love this simple Mexican-inspired craft idea for an Ojo de Dios (Oh-ho-day-dee-ohs). The Ojo de Dios (or God’s Eye) is said to have originated with the Huichol people of western Mexico. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make them, but the basic design makes them an ideal craft for small hands.

All you need for this craft is two popsicle sticks, some glue and plenty of bright, colourful yarn (as many colours as you’d like!). Weave the yarn around the sticks and you’ll eventually end up with a beautiful craft that you can hang in your home all year long.

This craft makes a great addition to your Mexican Fiesta Party—complete with maracas, a piñata and some festive games. And no Cinco de Mayo celebration would be truly complete without a delicious Mexican-inspired menu, including Cinnamon Churros (and margaritas for the grown-up crowd).

Here’s a good tutorial video for making Ojo de Dios:

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