Cool Craft Idea: Harvest Necklace

This cool craft combines two wonderful things: snacks and jewelry.

25 Fun and Easy Crafts

Harvest Necklace

Although playing with your food isn’t always recommended, we’re willing to make an exception for this craft. If you’re feeling adventurous, try using food dye to add a punch of colour.

Things You’ll Need: 

• Thread

• Large Needle

• Scissors

• Cookie cutters

• Dried apples, sliced

• Dried corn pieces

• Dried pumpkin seeds

• Dried cranberries


1. Thread the needle and tie a big knot at the end.

2. Thread on dried fruit and veggies in whatever pattern you choose.

3. Create shapes out of the apple slices using cookie cutters: lie flat, position cutter and press down firmly.

4. When you’ve reached your desired length of necklace—making sure that it is long enough to fit over your head when the ends are together—tie the ends together.


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