Cool Craft Idea: How to Make a Lego Terrarium

Add a little greenery to your child's room with a superhero-themed Lego terrarium

Photography by Carlo Mendoza

Terrariums are tiny self-sustaining gardens—they can go a week or more without watering, depending on whether you choose tropical or cactus-like plants—which makes them the perfect low-maintenance bit of green for any child’s room.

Once you’ve selected your vessel (open or closed) and gathered your foliage (look for compact plants with interesting foliage), get the kids involved and have them create their own miniature worlds with Lego figurines or other favourite toys.

What you’ll need:

  • Vessel
  • Foliage
  • Lego figurines or other toys

Tip: If you’re making a closed terrarium, be sure to include a layer of pebbles and activated charcoal on the bottom to help drain and filter excess water.

Be sure to check out our forest-inspired terrarium, too!

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