Cool Recycled Craft Idea: Jar Lid Frames

Photography by Michael Alberstat

Resin adds some lustre to these sweet homemade frames. Attach ribbons for ornaments and magnets for fridge art or keep as is and bundle for coasters. The approximate cost for this cool DIY craft is $25. It’s a great handmade gift from your child to a family member, caregiver or friend!

What you’ll need:
• Pieces of your child’s artwork
• Printer paper
• Mason jar lids
• Pencil
• Hot glue
• Mod Podge + brush
• Boxed resin mix (check your local craft store)

1. Scan pieces of art.
2. Crop and size each piece; then print.
3. Using a Mason jar lid as a stencil, trace and cut out a circle from the art.
4. Attach the lid of the mason jar to the ring with hot glue.
5. Brush a coat of Mod Podge on the inside of the lid and position the pre-cut art.
6. Following the instructions on the box, prepare the resin mixture, pour into each lid (about one quarter inch) and leave until set.

Tip: Make sure your lids are left to dry on an even surface with a drop cloth underneath.

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