Cool Science Experiment: Make Your Own Soap Cloud

Cook up a batch of your very own clouds with this super-fun (and super cheap!) science experiment

Cook up some clouds in the microwave, and squish ’em afterwards!

We snagged a deal at the drugstore on Ivory soap the other day, and as I was standing at the cash register I suddenly remembered a kid-friendly science experiment I’d seen around the interwebs lately: DIY soap clouds!

What you’ll need:
• One bar of Ivory soap
• A shallow dish
• A microwave

1. Unwrap one bar of soap and place in a shallow dish in your microwave.

2. Set the timer for 2.5 minutes and “cook” the soap on high. It will only take a few seconds before it starts to swell and grow.

The soap will stop expanding after a couple of minutes. (You can read more about the science behind this experiment here if you like, and why it’ll only work with this particular brand of soap.) The resulting fluffy-looking mass will be hot to the touch and will feel dry and brittle, not soft and poofy as one would expect.

This is fun experiment for tweens (and parents!) but I think this would be a great sensory experience for toddlers as well.

After you’re done crumbling, squishing, and mixing the whole mess with water, chuck the whole thing in the garbage. Don’t flush it down the sink because it’ll probably clog your drains.

Enjoy the superclean smell after you’re done!

WARNING: some of the soap dried on the inside of our microwave and I only discovered it the next morning when, bleary eyed, I attempted to heat up some milk for my coffee. It required a bit of scrubbing, but coffee-deprivation aside, I think it was still worth it.

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2 responses to “Cool Science Experiment: Make Your Own Soap Cloud”

  1. As a child we would put little slivers of left over bar soap, put it in a cup with very little water and beat it for the longest time till it was all fluffy. We loved doing that. Thanks.

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