Cute Project: Glass and Tile Mosaics for Kids

Photography from Concetta at Glittering Shards

Shards of glass and children would not seem to be the most obvious crafty mix, but with this beautiful Mosaic Stones and Hanging Mosaic Tiles from Glittering Shards, glass gems turn into beautiful pieces of 3D art. It’s easy, it’s messy, it’s sparkly and it gives your young ones a chance to improve on their fine motor skills and colour recognition. Nevermind the fact that it’s a great activity for older kids looking to move beyond construction-paper mosaics.

Your list of materials include tiles, flat stones, grout, glue and rounded pieces of coloured glass. The project does take some time, so this would be perfect for a rainy spring weekend (when your kids have become tired and wet from splashing in all the puddles). Make sure to have face masks or bandanas on hand to keep you from breathing in the grout dust during the final stages of this project.

When completed, the stone mosaic pieces will be perfect for setting on sunny window sills so the light can reflect in the coloured glass and send ribbons of rainbows dancing across the walls. Or hang your tiled mosaics in the kitchen or bedroom for some added pizazz.

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