Crafts with Salt: Rainbow in a Jar

Photography from Anne Weil

Add a little whimsy to your home with a craft project so simple in theory, creative in execution and limitless in design that once you successfully finish your first piece, you will want to create another!

Putting a little colour in an otherwise brown and gray month is easy with these Rainbow in a Jar crafts from mommy-blogger Anne Weil at Flax and Twine.

Table salt, some coloured chalk, paper and glass jars are all you need to create these rippling rainbow landscapes. How much simpler could something so beautiful possibly be? Make sure to keep a broom and dustpan on hand for clean-up afterwards. Perhaps putting down an old sheet might help with the salty, chalky mess.

And why not try different jar shapes for an added aesthetic? Bluk Barn stores have glass jars of all shapes and sizes that would work perfectly for this project (not to mention you can also buy salt in bulk. Talk about two birds with one stone!)

Happy Crafting!

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