Crazy Cuffs

There's no limit to how many (or few) ribbons and trims you can use for these fancy cuffs.

Stuff you need:

  • a pair of jeans you still wear
  • ribbons or other trims
  • thread to match the ribbons and trims
  • scissors
  • pins
  • measuring tape

1. Lay your collection of ribbons or trims on a jean cuff and experiment with placing and spacing them until you love the look.
2. Measure the hem of a leg from seam to seam. Double this measurement and add on another one inch (2.5 cm). Cut the ribbons or trims this length.
3. Start at the inner seam and pin a piece of ribbon or trim around the hem. When you get back around to the starting point, tuck one end of the ribbon or trim under itself and pin it in place.
4. Sew the ribbon or trim in place along its top edge, making sure to sew a few extra stitches on the overlapped ends.
5. Repeat all of these steps for the other leg.

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