Cute Craft: Create a Decked Out Boo-Boo Box

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Scrapes and bruises are the most common wounds of summertime (well, maybe even year-round). And although—after the fact—your child may show them off like battle-wounds while serving up dramatic stories of survival, they probably aren’t so chipper when the injury is first acquired. That’s why Mom, AKA household nurse, is always on call, ready to whip out her disaster kit at any moment’s notice.

But a first-aid kit doesn’t have to consist of the standard Red Cross appearance—it can be stylish too!

This is especially handy when your kit spends more time outside of the cupboard than in. That’s why we love this tutorial from, which transforms a plain cardboard box into a pretty boo-boo kit using mod podge.

To make this kit for your household, you will need to salvage a cardboard box and purchase scrapbook paper.

After you have selected your scrapbook paper, cut:

– 2 pieces for the top and bottom (trace these and cut about 1/8 smaller than your traced line.)

– 1 piece for the bottom edge

– 2 pieces for the sides

Then, using Mod Podge Matte, piece the scrapbook paper on the cardboard box. For more detailed tips and tricks, continue to follow the tutorial.

Once your revamped kit is complete, fill it with all the necessities and make sure to keep your “nursing” skills updated by registering for a basic or emergency first aid course near you.

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