Create Beautiful Mosaics, Minus the Tiles

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A fun and different way to create a piece of art is by gluing colourful beans and lentils to a surface to produce shapes, patterns, and objects. These easy mosaics will allow your kids to get a little “messy,” but with something that is easy to clean up by just sweeping it back into its container.

What you will need:

– Pencil
– Canvas boards, or cardboard
– Small paintbrush
– Craft glue
– Ruler
– Dried beans/ lentils in a range of colours

Beans and lentils come in green, orange, black, brown, white, and yellow. It is easiest to pick these up at a bulk food store, and seems to be the cheapest option as well. Other materials to consider using are colourful pasta, in varying shapes, or corn.

The instructions, on how to get this craft started, can be found at
This project originated from Rosie O’Donnel’s  book, “Crafty U,” which contains 100 easy and fun craft ideas for kids, and their parents. The crafts are directed at kids ages five to 12. Rosie’s book is available for purchase on amazon.

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