Cute Craft Idea: Hot Air Balloons

We experienced a double dose of excitement today when we discovered a new email from one of our favourite online magazines LMNOP. Not only was it a great craft idea, but it also featured Canadian west-coast shop Collage Collage—a kids arts and crafts store that offers not-your-average scissors-and-glue workshops.

So, the craft is paper mache balloons decorated with tissue paper or regular paper, then painted, and with a cup (for the basket) attached with string. We figure there must be helium in the balloons to make them float, so if you’re outdoors it might be a good idea to attach another piece of string to the cup and to tie it around their wrist, or to a pole, until they’re ready to leave.

So easy, and very cute. Perfect for a birthday party activity! Or make them up yourself and they could be a simple decor idea for a Babar or science-themed party.

Kudos to Collage Collage for sharing some of their great crafty ideas (including paper moustaches, rockets and Doodlepuffies!). Next time we’re in the Vancouver-area we’ll be sure to visit.

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